Legal Ways to Personalize Your Singapore Car Plates

Legal Ways to Personalize Your Singapore Car Plates

When you’re driving around in Singapore, your car’s license plate isn’t just a string of numbers and letters. Singapore car plates are a critical identification mark regulated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to ensure safety and easy identification on the roads. 

Breaking these rules can result in a big fine. But don’t worry! There are ways to make your car plate unique without breaking any laws.

This post will provide you with tips on how to personalize your car plate design while still in compliance with the regulations. 

When it comes to choosing the material for your customized car plate, you’ve got options. The two primary choices are aluminum and acrylic, each offering its own distinct look and feel.

If you’re into a robust and sturdy appearance, aluminum might be the way to go. They’re also known to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their quality over time.

On the other hand, if you lean toward a more sleek and minimalist design, acrylic could be your pick. Acrylic plates offer a modern and clean aesthetic.

  • Color

Standard Colours of Singapore Car Plates
Source: Singapore Land Transport Authority

For the vehicle registration number, the general guideline is to have white lettering on a black background. This is the standard requirement that ensures clarity and easy identification.

However, if your Singapore car plates are made of a reflective material, there are different specifications for the front and back plates. For the front plate, the letters should be black on a white background. For the back plate, the letters should be black on a yellow background.

  • Lettering

There are a few styles to consider for the lettering of your car plate: 3D lettering, embossed lettering, or a flat design printed on acrylic plates. Each option brings its own distinct features.

3D lettering adds depth and dimension to your plate. These letters pop out, giving your plate a bold and eye-catching look. They stand out more prominently compared to other styles, making your plate easily visible from a distance.

Embossed lettering, on the other hand, creates a raised effect on the plate. The letters are slightly elevated from the surface. While not as pronounced as 3D lettering, embossed lettering still adds texture and a classy touch to the overall design.

For a more straightforward approach, there’s the flat design printed on acrylic plates. This option keeps the letters flush with the plate’s surface, providing a sleek and modern appearance. It’s a clean and minimalist style that can still be customized with various colors and fonts.

  • Shape

The shape of your car plate largely depends on your vehicle and the available space for its placement. There are two primary shape options of Singapore car plates to consider:

  • Rectangular Option: This shape measures 52cm by 11cm. It’s the more traditional and common size for car plates. It fits well in standard plate placements and offers a balanced look on many vehicles.
  • Squarish Option: Measuring 32.5cm by 16.5cm, this shape is more square-like compared to the rectangular one. It might be suitable for vehicles with limited space or different plate placement configurations.


Adding a personal touch or a favorite phrase to your car plate is possible with a decorative holder. Consider using a plastic frame, similar to the one depicted in the picture below. This frame is designed with a border that accommodates short wording, allowing you to incorporate a slogan or a personalized message onto your car plate.


Looking for Customizing Your Singapore Car Plate?

Customizing your car plate in Singapore in line with the legal requirements allows you to show off your style without violating the rules. From choosing the right materials like metal or acrylic to selecting the appropriate colors and lettering styles, every decision shapes the final look of your plate. We offer customizable options that meet regulations while letting you add your personal touch. Join us to create a car plate that stands out and is uniquely yours. 

Lastly, please avoid solely using the information in this article as your guidance. It’s important to check with the respective authorities regarding the latest regulations.

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