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Welcome to, your premier destination for high-quality, customized car plates in Singapore. We are dedicated to providing a seamless online ordering experience and convenient delivery options, allowing you to easily obtain the perfect car plate for your vehicle.

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What is the Delivery lead time?

Orders received from Monday to Friday will be delivered within 2 working days.
Orders received on Saturday will be delivered on Monday.
No delivery on Sundays and public holidays.

Are your car plates LTA-approved?

We can fabricate car plates that are either LTA-approved or non LTA-approved.

How can I add a tagline or slogan on my car plate number?

To add a tagline or slogan to your car plate number, you can order a bracket or frame that holds the car plate. The tagline or slogan can then be printed on the bracket itself. This allows you to showcase your desired message alongside your car plate number.

How to Install the car plate number to my car :

To install a car plate on your vehicle, follow these steps:

1. Locate the bracket: Most cars come with a bracket specifically designed to hold the car plate.
2. Open the bracket: Look for a catch or latch mechanism on the bracket usually on the left and right side of the bracket
3. Remove the old car plate: Once the bracket is open, you can remove the old car plate number that is currently in place.
4. Position the new car plate: Take your new car plate number and align it within the bracket, ensuring that it fits properly and is oriented correctly.
5. Secure the car plate: Once the new car plate is properly positioned, close the bracket by snapping it shut or engaging the catch mechanism, securing the plate in place.
6. Double-check the installation: Confirm that the car plate is securely attached and properly aligned. Ensure that it is clearly visible and not obstructed by any objects.

How do I know the size of my car plate ?

In Singapore, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has established specific standards for car plate lettering dimensions. These standards ensure uniformity and readability of vehicle license plates. At, we adhere to these standards to provide you with car plates that meet regulatory requirements. Here are the lettering dimensions set by LTA:

1. Letters and Digits Dimensions:
– Height: 70 mm
– Width: 50 mm
– Thickness: 10 mm
2. Spacing between Letters and Digits:
– The space between adjoining letters or digits: 10 mm
– The space between a letter and a digit next to each other: 20 mm
3. Spacing from the Letters and Digits to the Plate Edges:
– Space from the nearest part of each letter and digit to the top or bottom of the vehicle license plate: 10 mm
– Space from the nearest part of each letter and digit to the side of the vehicle license plate: 20 mm

Our LTA approved car plates are according to the above specifications

What material to order ?

Choose from our recommended materials: acrylic or aluminum. Both offer durability, sleek design, and customization options. Acrylic is lightweight and weather-resistant, while aluminum is corrosion-resistant and provides a premium appearance. Whichever material you choose, expect high-quality craftsmanship for your personalized car plates.

What color to order ?

Private Vehicles:
1. Black color car plate with Silver or or white fonts, both front and back of the car must have the same color
2. Yellow color background car plate car plate will need to match white color background car plate with black color fonts. where the front of the car must display the white background and the back of the car displaying the yellow color bcakground car plate

For private vehicles in Singapore, you have two options for the color combination of your car plate:

1. Black Background with Silver or White Fonts:
– You can choose a black background for your car plate.
– The alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) can be in either silver or white color.
– It is important to note that both the front and back of the car must have the same color combination.
2. Yellow and White Background Combination:
– You can opt for a yellow background car plate at the front of your vehicle.
– The back of your vehicle should display a white background car plate.
– Both the yellow and white background plates should have black alphanumeric characters.

When ordering your car plate, ensure that you specify your preference for either the black background with silver or white fonts or the yellow and white background combination according to your preference.