4 Types Of Car Number Plates That Are Not Approved

When it comes to your vehicle’s car number plate, adhering to the guidelines set by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is not just a good practice – it’s a legal requirement. These guidelines are in place to ensure clear identification of vehicles and maintain a streamlined system for law enforcement. Failure to display proper license plates can result in fines of up to $1,000 and even imprisonment for up to 3 months. 

This article will explain some types of car number plates that are not approved in Singapore due to their non-compliance with LTA regulations.


Unapproved Car Plate Types

1. Reflective Material

Examples of Unapproved Car Number Plates in Singapore - Reflective Car Plates

The use of reflective material with a “rainbow effect” for car plates can lead to issues with clear identification. If the license plate is constructed from reflective material, authorities might struggle to capture the registration number accurately due to glare and visibility challenges. 

According to the regulations, the vehicle registration number should ideally be displayed in white lettering on a black background. However, in cases where a reflective material is used, specific guidelines apply: for the front plate, the license number should be in black lettering on a white background, while for the rear plate, it should use black lettering on a yellow background. 

These measures are designed to ensure that car number plates remain easily identifiable under various conditions.


2. Improper Font Type

Examples of Unapproved Car Number Plates in Singapore - Car Plates with Improper Fonts

Using decorative fonts on your car plate might seem like a way to stand out, but it’s against LTA regulations. Only standard fonts are allowed on license plates to ensure clarity and easy identification. 

Decorative fonts can create confusion, making it difficult for authorities to accurately capture the license plate number. Opting for a standard font ensures that the vehicle’s registration number is clearly legible, aiding swift identification.


3. Incorrect Measurement and Spacing

Examples of Unapproved Car Number Plates in Singapore - Car Plates with Improper Measurement and Spacing

Proper measurement and spacing between characters and digits on car number plates are paramount. Incorrect sizing can severely affect the readability of the license plate, impeding swift identification. 

LTA specifies precise requirements for lettering dimensions: 

  • Letters and digits should be 70 mm high, 50 mm wide, and 10 mm broad
  • The spacing between adjoining letters or digits must be 10 mm
  • The space between a letter and an adjacent digit should be 20 mm
  • The distance from the nearest part of each letter and digit to the top or bottom of the license plate should be 10 mm while leaving 20 mm space to the sides.


4. Has Decoration

Vehicle owners often personalize their cars with various decorations, examples are “euro plate” designs, but it’s crucial to keep the license plate area clear. Any decoration, fitting, or marking near the vehicle registration number can obstruct its visibility, making it challenging for authorities to identify the vehicle accurately.

Car Number Plate Frame - Car Plate Maker

If you’re keen on adding a unique touch or showcasing your personality, consider using a license plate frame to include slogans or decorative elements on it. This way, you can personalize your vehicle while still adhering to LTA guidelines.



In summary, it’s essential to prioritize compliance with LTA guidelines and have an LTA-approved car plate when it comes to your vehicle’s license plate. Avoiding the use of reflective materials, choosing standard fonts, maintaining correct sizing and spacing, and refraining from decorations near the registration number are all integral to ensuring clear identification. By adhering to these regulations, you not only uphold legal standards but also contribute to efficient vehicle identification processes.



This article provides general information on unapproved car plate types in Singapore. For accurate and up-to-date details, readers are encouraged to verify specific information with the Land Transport Authority. Adhering to official guidelines for license plate design is essential to avoid legal complications related to vehicle license plates.

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